Eat. Play. Live.
and leave No Trace...

Sometimes great revolutions start from small changes. 

eKoala is a family run business that designs products for children made of unique, alternative and eco-friendly materials.

The entire eKoala range have to pass the strictest laboratory tests that guarantee the absence of toxic substances and that certify them 100% safe for our children.

European standards and design, environmentally friendly and non-toxic!
Now available in Australia!

What is BioPlastic?

What is Vegetal Cashmere?

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Have you seen our packaging?

In the end it is something we always throw away and the waste we produce is already too much!

That’s why eKoala chose a functional but essential pack. Only raw and unbleach cardboard, 100% recyclable and biodegradable without any plastic coating.

We designed a simple insertion system that allows us to avoid any use of chemical glue, metal staples or other fastening systems. All our inks are dye based, without any heavy metal.

Our packaging will then never be without imperfection but it will surely be perfect for our environment!

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